Toby's Issues: Giants in Government

Dear Constituents

What kind of person is it we want to captain our ship? The first answer might be, “I want a good one!” and rightly so. But what does it mean to be agood captain of government? Isn't the person we want someone who's going to be responsive to our needs? Ins't he (or she, hypothetically) someone who understands us? Someone who knows what we hold close to our hearts and our wallets?

Obviously, that's what I believe.

Now, let me pose to you a little hypothetical situation: imagine you are the size that you are. This shouldn't be too difficult. Now, imagine that you are the size that you are, but you live next door to a giant, over a hundred feet tall. He's got a big house, a big lawn, a big lawn tractor to mow it, and a big garage where he keeps two big Hummers. This giant likes to work on his house, his lawn. He wants to be a responsible neighbor. But every time he steps, the earth shakes so badly, it knocks the picture of your dear, departed mother off the wall. Every time he trims the hedges, he fires-up his 100-foot gas powered trimmer and pumps the air with so many fumes that your dog passes out and you begin to hallucinate. Every time he tries to parallel park one his Hummers on the street, he ends up flattening someone's Hyundai. He doesn't do any of this initentionally, of course. It's just you're noton his radar. He literally can't see you or hear you.

Now, imagine this guy is your Mayor. He wants to make a better city for the people, but the only people he can see are his giant buddies. One day, he decides to throw a big party for all of his giant-buddies, all upstanding members of the community, just like him. He decides it should be a sports party. But he wants to do it right, so he needs to build an appropriate space to throw the party, complete with a giant stadium where giant sports stars wll compete, in order to entertain the giant guests, who will watch in giant sky boxes and drink giant beers that, to them, are resonably priced.

Where will he build this giant stadium? Obvioulsly, in a place where no one lives. And because he can't see you, this may mean it goes right on top of your house! And there won't be any discussion with him, because no matter how loudly you yell with your little, Lillyputian voice, he can't hear you!

Do we want giants running this City? I don't think so. You need a Mayor who gets you, and doesn't just get your vote. Remember that in November. I'll remember it, too.

Yours in the Struggle,

Toby Alouicious Morton