Toby's Issues: Immigration

Times are tough. You know it and so do I. The economy's in the toilet. Healthcare costs are going through the roof. Immigration is what is: on the one hand it is the lubricant of our econonmy, allowing even the poorest of New Yorkers access to cheap deli food and clean office windows, but on the other hand immigration is the marauding savage storming the circled wagons of our social welfare system.

When you think about it, though, we're a nation of immigrants, and that's pretty confusing. Maybe we are all both: we are the lubricant, but we are also the maruading savage. We make the food, but we order the food. We serve the food. And we eat the food. We grow the food. And we give you the loan at reasonable interest, depending on your credit, to buy the place to grow the food. We specultate in the market about whether or not food will be there next year. Or the year after. We buy and sell the land where you make a house where you put a table so that that you can eat the food that we made. And we work in the sewage plant where that food will ulitmately arrive for processing. Confused yet?

You need a mayor who reflects these confusing times, who you can trust. A man who is just like you: a worker, a fighter, a lover, a taster of fine wine, an eater of various cheeses, foreign and domestic, a man who enjoys the public transportation system but also will battle for the right to park his SUV anywhere he goddamn pleases! I am that man. I am all men. And with enough votes, I will be your man. Toby Morton is hard. On the issues.