Toby Morton Man of the PeopleToby Morton

A man of many talents and experiences, Toby has been civically engaged since his formative years. In his teen years, growing up in the Heartland of the east coast, he had many positive experiences with local law enforcement which taught him a good deal about Responsibility and Respect.

Toby's education was in the School of the Streets, as they say, as well as at Brooklyn College, Lehman College, Borough of Manhattan Community College, Brooklyn Institute of Technology, DeVry, The Writing Annex, and one unforgettable semester at Howard University.

Always looking to tap the power of the American dream, Toby was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug at an early age. This has led him to many manifestations of carrying out God's work, from pest extermination to debt collection. In this way Toby learned a lot about people: their experiences, their priorities, their excuses, their eating habits, their general level of cleanliness. His work has carried him all over the Five Boroughs, from Van Dyke Houses to Dick Van Dyke's house. And what he has found is that, regardless of income, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, or lack thereof, we, as New Yorkers, are all looking for the same basic things: respect, love, compassion, a chance at the good life, a second chance if the first one doesn't work out, and maybe a little help from our friends when we feel like our life is falling apart because we put all our eggs into that big basket, only to have them smashed by the cruel hands of Fate.

Toby gets you, New York. Toby IS you. He's been there, in the background, heart to heart. He's been behind you, cheek to cheek, with you and your concerns. Isn't it time you had someone like that running City Hall?

Alan Weinstein

Alan is the Campaign Manager of the Friends of Toby Morton campaign. Obviously, in this day and age, successful political campaigns require an enormous amount of planning and oversight. Alan’s experience in the political process, from the grassroots to the Senatorial level, make him an ideal addition to this fledgling campaign.

Born and raised Oak Park, Michigan, Alan received his undergraduate degree in Political Science from Grinnell College and his Masters degree in Organizational Change Management at The New School in New York City. At Grinnell, Alan worked on campaigns to provide fruits and vegetables in public schools, to help local dairy farmers compete against the state‘s conglomerates and to help conglomerates develop job-training programs for citizens of the state. Alan also interned for the Poweshiek Board of Supervisors and for the Courts of the 75th Legislative District. During grad school, Alan’s work with numerous community organizations which culminated in a job with Senator Chuck Schumer’s New York offices.

Alan left that position to get back to the basics. To organize a campaign and to help instigate change in politics on the grassroots level. He is very excited to be part of the Friends of Toby Morton campaign.

Ernest Ford

Ernest is the Chief Information Officer for the Friends of Toby Morton. Obviously, in this day and age, technology is huge factor in any campaign's success. Ernest's vast qualifications and expertise are a testament to this campaign's understanding of that fact.

Educated at Indiana University, Ernest majored in Computer Science, with a minor in Psychology, hoping to invent a computer program that, in his words “could develop AI, like in the Matrix, but would think I'm God, so it'd be, like totally safe.”

He graduated with honors after seven years. Always respectful of his roots, Ernest nevertheless deisred to broaden his horizons after finishing school. He spent several years abroad in the late 90's and early 2000's, working in computers with independent businessmen in Russia, Colombia, and the island republic of Naru.

Ernest's involvement with The Friends of Toby Morton marks a new public-service phase in his life's journey, and the Friends are lucky to have him. From questions on networking, to setting up email accounts, to taking care of the million-plus things that go with a good website, to recommendations on fashion, love, and video games, Ernest is our Source.

Rain Ledbetter

Rain is Lead Graphic Designer for the Friends of Toby Morton. Obviously, in this day and age, visual impact is a huge factor in any campaign's success. Rain's vast experience and education in this field are a testament to this campaign's understanding of that fact.

Rain was raised in Northern California, a child of parents who came of age during to 70's but avidly nostalgized the 60's. This had a profound effect on the way they viewed the world. The Ledbetter Company became the biggest tye-dye sari and day-glo band poster distributor in the Pacific Northwest.

Rain's gifts in the Arts were obvious from a very early age, when she won first place in her sixth grade art pageant with a conceptual piece called, “Got Soap?” in which she snuck into school early, wiped her snot on various doorknobs & lockers while photographing herself in the act, and then played it as a slideshow for the pageant. After high school, Rain went to Cooper Union to study Studio Art on a full scholarship, where she studied painting, multi-media, and a combination of performance art, fashion design, celebrity impersonation, and abstract expressionist painting she calls “Action Performance.”

The campaign is very lucky to enjoy Rain's talents, as she has many extra-curricular activities, including occasional performances at Duane Park and The Slipper Room in NYC.

Johnny Webb Man of the PeopleJohnny Webb

Johnny is the Personal Advisor to the Friends of Toby Morton campaign. Obviously, in this day and age, political campaigns need someone like Johnny, a regular jack-of-all-trades to handle the million and one things that other members of the campaign miss. Johnny’s background in the food service and event planning industries make him the go-to guy for this fledgling campaign.

From his humble beginnings in the city of West Babylon, Long Island, Johnny began his professional life as a dishwasher at his local KFC, in the days it was referred to as “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” In four months he moved through the ranks from dishwasher to cashier (a position only available to women at the time) to fry cook to head cook to manager, the quickest ascent in the history of the branch. As manager he prided himself on his exceptional appearance and the development of principles then known as Nuggets of Wisdom. Under his assistance, productivity improved dramatically while profitability soared, earning him his self-started “Employee of the Month” honors for a record 17 consecutive months.

Johnny appreciates and values Toby’s unwavering support while he grows accustomed to the political process. He will do whatever it takes, dedicate the full measure of his devotion, to gaining exposure for the only candidate fit to run this city.

Harold Lehmann

Harold Lehmann is a documentary film-maker invited by the Toby Morton campaign to record the day-to-day workings of the political process. Obviously, in this day and age of YouTube, blogs and, total transparency is a key ingredient toward establishing the integrity of any political candidate and Harold possesses a keen eye and exceptional intelligence to translate and disseminate the myriad processes of a fledgling political campaign.

Harold double majored in Philosophy and Metaphysics at Texas Tech College of Arts and Sciences in Lubbock, TX. While attending the Austin Film Festival during his senior year, Harold underwent a spiritual awakening while viewing a group of avant-garde film shorts entitled: Our Society and Our Selves: We Are The Ones Our Mother(s) Warned Us About. Upon emerging from six consecutive showings of the program, Harold immediately enrolled at the New York Film Academy.

On his off days, Harold can be found investigating the sociological and ritualistic aspects of weddings, birthday parties and bar mitzvahs for a nominal fee. Proceeds of these events will go toward paying his talented cinematographer, Kenny Gochfeld, as well as funding this project.