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America, meet your Mayor! This fast-paced mockumentary follows the campaign of bumbling underdog Mayoral candidate Toby Morton in his quest to become New York's next fearless leader.

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Episode 9 - The Penis Gallery

The staff at Friends of Toby Morton starts to raise funds. Johnny Webb tries to show the other staffers the ropes.

Episode 8 - Fundraising Day

The Morton Campaign takes on a big fundraising effort.

Episode 7 - Good Deeds

Toby bonds with a constituent in need.

Episode 6 - Toby hits the streets and meets a model

Alan gets Toby face to face with his potential constituents. In this episode he meets an attractive young lady who works in the fashion industry and creates a slight misunderstanding.

Episode 5 - Toby's Big Speech

Toby goes it alone on the Rosa Parks speech. Will he pull it off? Watch through credits for a little bonus feature! And stay tuned! We'll have a new clip of "Man of the People" up next week!

Episode 4 - Rosa Parks

Toby and Alan work on Toby's speech to commemorate the birthday of Rosa Parks. They encounter some disagreements.

Episode 3 - Diversity Day

Toby arranges a day to show his campaign's commitment to diversity, and nearly causes a PR disaster.

Episode 2 - Brainstorming Session

New Campaign Manager Alan Weinstein meets the staff of the Morton for Mayor Campaign and has a brainstorming session with candidate Toby Morton about how to make the campaign stand out.

Episode 1 - Meet Toby Morton

This is the first episode of "Man of the People", a new mockumentary about a man born with a silver foot in his mouth and his dark horse campaign to become the next Mayor of New York City.